Security Update...

                              Security Updates:

1. Unsolicited calls Please do not entertain any call from any person calling from Microsoft, Dell or other big companies and telling your computer has a virus. Just hang up. It is a bogus call. If someone ask you to go and buy card and give the no to them please do not entertain those calls those are scammers call.
2. Credit card CVV security Do not share credit card CVV number to any person including our sales or technical representative for whatever reason. If someone asked you about this please immediately write or and also call to inform at +1-888-266-8340 and immediately change your CVV password. No matter what, this number should not be shared and keeping secrecy of this password is squarely the responsibility of credit card user.
3. Own use of your Credit Card Do not let anyone else to write your credit card information for payment on our website or any other website. You must do it yourself to protect your information. If you encounter any of our person soliciting to do this job for you please report immediately at and also call to inform at +1-888-266-8340 . This action (if any) is totally without our permission and is against good intention. If you have shared you CVV please get it changed immediately.
4. HTTPS Please make sure that payment page starts with https instead of http.
5. Watch the Steps During technical support please be there in front of computer with the technician, You will also understand the troubleshooting steps taken by him.
6. Ask questions Ask as many questions as you want for your comfort. Please remember There are no stupid questions , there are only stupid answers.
7. Our Disclaimer We are an independent service provider of on demand remote tech support and are not affiliated to any third party brand (including but not limited to Dell, HP, AOL, Microsoft, Yahoo, Apple, Norton or any other antivirus or any other brand in computers or like devices or related accessories or any brand of software or like services or electronic or technical company). We as an independent service provider, provide remote tech support for third party products with various brand names. Any use of third party trademarks, brand names, product and service is only referential and we hereby disclaim any sponsorship, affiliation or endorsement by any such third party. In case, someone stresses on our affiliation with any other brand immediately write to and also call to inform at +1-888-266-8340 .
8. Support Plans Take full details about our technical support plans. Depending upon the need there are single incident, one year, 2 year or 3 year plan. There are some renewal plans as well which may change from time to time.
9. SMS alert for safety Put SMS alert with banks for all your transactions. This will help you in knowing immediately when any money is drawn from your bank.
10. FBI Virus If you see your computer is locked and you see some screen from FBI etc asking you to pay penalty for some legal violations please do not pay and seek technical support. This is a virus.


GenFoxTech is an independent provider of on-demand tech support and not affiliated with any third party brand unless specified. Any use of third party trademarks mentioned on this site, brand names, products and services is only referential and Comlogic hereby disclaims any sponsorship, Affiliation or Endorsement of or by any such third party.